Sell More With Sales Funnel

There's a better way to sell products or services through the internet. Treat online sales funnel as your salesman that you have employed. Best part ? Sales funnel work 24/7 and don't take medical leave.

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New to Sales Funnel?

Now, what is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a series of different focus sales pages that your prospects need to navigate through, once they entered into your first sales page. 

For example, you are looking for a bag in a departmental store. 

First, you are greeted by a sales rep at the storefront. And knowing you are looking for a bag, the sales rep shows you to the bags department. After seeing the latest bag model, the sales rep also shows you the one-time offer if you get a wallet together with the bag. When you pay for your bag (probably with wallet) at the cashier, the cashier shares with you the cleaning kit for the bag. 

Sounds familiar?

The sales funnels work in the same strategy too. 

Well, not all prospects are the same. They are either cold, warm or hot. You may be surprised some are very hot buyers.

types of buyers entering sales funnel

Does that mean with a sales funnel website, my business will surely grow?

Good question. Well, depends.

How successful your marketing sales funnel is, depends on how well you turn a cold prospect to a hot one.

There are many sales funnel templates and models available. And you need to pick up to suit your business. When you build your sales funnel stages well, you create a powerful automated money making machine. 

Important question: How to build a sales funnel well?

I am glad you asked, and you are going to see how different tools can do the job well…