What Clickmarketspace is All About?

Clickmarketspace is about everything you need to sell your products, services or memberships through sales funnels. 

This site is perfect if you are new to sales funnels and want to sell more online. There are three things your online business needs to have: a good offer, traffic and a website that converts. Some of these strategies you may already know about, while others might come as a surprise. In order for this site to work as a useful tool for you, it's important that you prioritize what you want to do first. I highly recommend you watch with a pen and paper in hand, take great notes, and then immediately after watching the video make a specific plan on how you are going to implement it in your business.

Let's get started.  

About Cheefoo

My name is Cheefoo, I’m the owner of Clickmarketspace and here are a few things about me:

  • I had been to start-up, small business, medium sized & huge MNC corporations. Seen the good and ugly side of humans. It's an eye opener. 
  • At the age of 21 during my university days, I setup a web firm with a good friend. That was the Internet era using dial-up modem, running at 56kbps. We were so thrilled to see a web page load up even when it took a minute. We built a portal to match-make teachers and students, and had lots of sign-ups. Freemium business model was unheard of, and many people questioned us on the business. Things did not work too well, as we didn't know what to do with the many sign-ups. We split. 
  • Setting a business was always at the back of my mind when I worked at small, medium and large corporations. I learnt about business processes and selling. I began to see that career promotion would eventually came when you work really hard, but may not necessarily translate to a higher pay cheque, when you work for somebody. On the other hand, I notice there's another group of people that didn't work as hard and yet spent more time talking, would get paid handsomely. That's life, isn't it?
  • Call me crazy. I left a big MNC to start my own biz, though I was living comfortably.
  • In 2012, I realized I could bring in 6 figures in revenue consistently without any formal sales background. 

I'm not really a blogger. I mention all this here, just to clarify that when I talk about business, I do so from actual experience. As a small business owner for a decade, I have encountered most of the problems small business are up against.