Recommended Online Automated Sales Funnel Tools

I love technology and gadgets. Often, I am regularly asked for recommendations on different solutions, tools, resources and services available to technology. Now, you don't have to go through many hours of test and trial. I’ve put together a list of recommended sales funnel tools that I have personally used or which have come highly recommended to me by people I trust. I will add to these lists as I come across new funnel resources that are suitable for various purposes and stages of your business. 

Basic Website Tools

This basic website tools are the first building block if you want an online presence. You will save a lot of time and nightmares when you get the online foundation right on the first attempt. Before you have got this building block set up, don't even think of doing anything else. 



Siteground hosting is our number 1 recommendation for shared hosting because it's really fast and has the best class support. Go and test their live chat, and it's almost instant response from Siteground support team. It's not the cheapest solution and it's email space is not unlimited. BUT: it's value and reliability is much better than those typical budget or branded hosting solutions. Start with Siteground hosting and you'll have a extremely good customer service, super fast website, free SSL and solid security features. Not forgetting, WordPress recommends Siteground too.


Thrive Themes

I built many websites with WordPress, and used dozens of popular themes to beautify the sites. What makes Thrive Themes so powerful isn't just that it's fully mobile responsive and blazing fast, but it is mainly designed for user engagement and readability. This is their unique selling point. With these themes, you can customize your WordPress site to your needs with many landing page templates. Best of all, the templates are free. And most importantly: your website is not just beautiful but has smart conversion elements to convert from views to leads. 


Thrive Architect

Whether you are a coder or not, you can now easily create beautiful, engaging and visually impressive content & layouts in WordPress. Thrive Architect is a visual page builder that works with most themes, and is built for business and conversion focused websites. With this tool, you can build high converting homepage, sales pages, landing pages to create beautiful blog posts, webinar pages, product launch pages, increase mailing lists and more. 

Basic Conversion Tools

What's next after you have a website setup? Many business websites collect dust and business owners wonder why first time visitors do not come back to their sites. One of the most important steps for you is to put some lead generation in place. Your goal now is to start building an audience in the form of a mailing list. To grow the list, you need further tools to help you create a conversion focused website.



Drip is an intelligent email marketing automation platform. With it's visual workflow, you’ll easily design comprehensive, custom email campaigns and simplify your sales funnel. These personalized emails created by you help to drive first-time and return buyers. Though Drip has a longer learning curve than many traditional email platforms, the advantage is that you can do more and faster with it, once you figure out how.



Clickfunnels is gaining traction with many business owners as it serves not only as all-in-one cloud sales funnel, but also makes various upselling or one-time offer (OTO) a breeze during payment checkout. What you need to do is to pick up a sales funnel that you need, whether it is meant to generate leads, sell a product, create an event for various types of industry. Then, you choose the style of page design that you like the best and modify to suit your needs. Though Clickfunnels has some learning curve, the funnels can be built within minutes once you figure it out. If you compare with a real salesperson salary, the monthly subscriptions are pretty reasonable though. 


Funnel Scripts

Do you need fast copy writing that is proven to convert a lead to sales? Funnel scripts is a yearly subscription script writing platform that can create compelling copy that engages the audience and converts them to a buyer in the process. Based on your input and its algorithm, the copy becomes focus and is based according to your target market, their needs, pain points, challenges and how you think your product or service can solve all of these. 

Books That Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

If you are the business owner or CEO of a large corporation, the fact is, you still need to learn to sell and market your product and services, whether you like it or not. Books are your companion wherever you go. Good books inspire and stimulate growth in your mindset. In practice, I read a good book before I sleep. It's insane how much value you can get from books with a few dollars. Here are what I consider a good book, as these will make you a more effective entrepreneur and leader:

Expert Secrets


This is a book about allowing you to turn your specialized knowledge, talents and abilities into a business that will work for you. It's about making this calling a career, where people will pay you for your advice. Best of all, this book is FREE, and you just have to pay for the shipping costs. 

Dotcom Secrets


If you need help to grow your company online, this is the book for you. Dotcom secrets give you access to all the processes, funnels and scripts to scale online. Over here, I learn to refine my own business model. Best of all, this book is FREE, and you just have to pay for the shipping costs. 

Getting Everything You Out of All You've Got


Marketing to your customers and prospects is a hugely important business activity. Jay shows 21 ways you can out-think, out-perform, and out-earn the competition. Anyone can run an advertisement, but not everyone knows how to bring back the ROI.